Wedding Rings

Choosing your wedding rings is probably the 15th most important and most lasting decision in planning your wedding. This is because, apart from your partner, the rings will be the only thing that will stay with you through the rest of your lives as well as symbolising your love for each other. This should not only determine your budget but also the decision of which rings you ultimately choose. This makes it all the more important to take your time and choose with care and diligence.

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Trauringe- Budget

Small Budget



Trauringe- Designverliebt

Design Loving

Even though we are one of the largest wedding ring manufacturers in Europe, we do not keep wedding rings in stock, but instead we only manufacture them when we receive the order from your jeweller.

This means that each individual ring has a special design, which is only created once you make your decision. This means that we can be completely flexible and allows us to fulfil almost any wish. This is the reason why our catalogues and homepage only show an excerpt from our portfolio and serve only as a source of inspiration.

Each ring can be individually modified according to technical feasibility, meaning all rings are also available in all alloys, whether it be yellow gold or platinum, wider or narrower, stronger or an extra stone. Your jeweller will configure your individual ring.


Every wedding ring pair is sent with a proper/ original Rauschmayer case.


Besides your wedding rings you receive a warranty certificate containing every important information. Such as what to do in case off loss or similar, the validity of the used metals and it confirms the 100% Made in Germany production.