Rauschmayer Rings

Since 1963, the wedding ring manufacturer Rauschmayer has been developing and producing high-quality rings with the quality feature that is true to their brand – the engraved lucky doves, which represent peace and well-being as well as love, happiness and loyalty. We would like our customers to always be reminded of this feeling of unity, which is why we have been engraving the symbol of the two doves in each and every one of our wedding rings since 1963.

14K Diamant Goldring 3301368 -3,90g

Engagement Rings

It all starts with the proposal and you can’t hope to get a yes without the matching diamond ring. In the new proposal collection, we combine five timelessly interpreted models with different kinds of stone setting. Each model is available in five different diamond sizes – so there should be something to suit every taste and budget.

Rose/White gold diamond ring Model 3302297
White gold diamond ring Model 3328300
Yellow gold diamond ring Model 3302316

Wedding Rings

The first step on the search for your wedding rings involves deciding on a basic design and direction. There are countless possibilities, whether you prefer classic, set with lots of stones, single-coloured or multicoloured, wide or narrow, made of fair-trade gold or platinum rings. The list is endlessly long and only you can decide what’s important to you and what exactly it is you’re looking for on your search.

Trauringe- Klassisch

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are more than just pieces of jewelry; they are memories of love and life stories that find their expression in glittering diamonds.


Rauschmayer 3D-Designer

Design your own wedding rings and give them a completely personal touch. Design your personal wedding ring(s) from scratch. Combine different alloys, widths, surfaces, colours and diamonds with each other. Whether it be fine platinum with warm gold or romantic rosé gold, or whether it be high-gloss or sand-matt with sparkling diamonds – there are almost no restrictions on your imagination.


The Rauschmayer Promise

With great care and attention to detail, Rauschmayer has been creating small works of art in Pforzheim since 1963. And even though the age of technology has arrived in modern production, so much is still created by hand as was the case hundreds of years ago – and that is a good thing! Because no matter how highly specialised and engineered it may be, a device or machine simply cannot do what real expert hands can do; that is give the rings an individual soul.

A pair of rings passes through many hands before it can be placed onto the finger of your loved one on the best day of your life. The precious raw material has to be cast, milled, turned, set, polished and thus treated in various ways before it can go through everyday life with you as a glittering piece of jewellery. And all Rauschmayer employees are well aware of this responsibility, as well as the great honour that comes with it. Thanks to what they do, they become a part of someone’s life story. They become daily companions and symbols of a great love.

“What better job could there be than literally connecting two people.”

– Chris Roy Rauschmayer

The Managing Director of the company that is steeped in tradition is also aware of the special position of his company. Because who still produces in their own country? The answer may be very simple: Companies with high quality standards and a traditional heritage. This is one of the reasons why Rauschmayer is one of the founding members of the “Initiative of German Wedding Ring Manufacturers”, who are proud to advertise using the emblem “100% made in Germany”, and rightly so.